The RSTQB was founded as the successor of the STQBRU that was established in 2005. The board works out the syllabus and examination questions for the certification scheme in Russian and consists of members from Russia.
These people all work on a voluntary basis on the board. All do either already have experience on the Testing Board of another country, are specialists in the field of testing or have been workding on an international standard for the testing of software for a while. Chairman of the board is Andrey Konushin.

Active members of RSTQB:

  • Andrey Konushin, President
  • Alexey Alexandrov, Vice-president
  • PhD Alexander Alexandrov
  • Tatiana Smekhnova
  • Elena Kostina
  • PhD Irina Ternovykh
  • Eugene Efimov
  • Eugene Subbotin
  • Alexandra Tyurina