Russian Software Testing Qualifications Board:

For training providers:

  • Be globally marketed under the brand name of an ISTQB® training provider
  • Gain trainees interested in being ISTQB® Certified and increase your number of trainees
  • Use global standards and have your training courses recognised by the community
  • Use global standards for examinations

Accreditation Process is transparent:

  • You apply in the defined form and pay the Accreditation Fee (€1500 per year as of June 2015, minimal period is 2 years).
  • RSTQB Accreditation Group reviews the application and course materials whether they meet high ISTQB requirements.
  • If needed, course materials are corrected.
  • If all materials meet the requirements, the course is accredited and you are allowed to use all advantages of the Accredited Training Providers.