IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (Advanced Level)


The prerequisite for admittance to a CPRE Advanced Level module exam is a CPRE Foundation Level certificate or a certificate in Requirements Engineering from BCS.
To answer the exam questions correctly, you will need to know/master the educational objectives as defined in the syllabus of the respective Advanced Level module. Attending a classroom training course is not an essential entry criteria for the exam, but it is recommended.


You can prepare for the exam by:

  • Attending a training course with a training provider.
    The training should last for at least three days and be conducted by a training provider recognized by IREB.
  • Preparing individually via self-study; we recommend the script of the respective Advanced Level module. See downloads on IREB site.

The exam

The exam regulations for CPRE Advanced Level define both the content of the exam as well as the examination process.

Available languages

The exam can be taken in English or German. Currently English is available for Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation and Requirements Modeling; The English exam for Requirements Management is scheduled for 2017.

The two parts of the examination

Written examination

The multiple choice test must be completed within 75 minutes. On request non-native speakers may be granted a 15 minute extension. Usually the exam is conducted immediately after completing a training course, though it may also be taken later if desired, e.g. in a test center.

Written assignment

The written assignment must be submitted within one year of taking the examination. It must represent a realistic project situation from your working environment and demonstrate that you are capable of applying the acquired RE knowledge.

Exam results

The exams will be evaluated by the certification body. The result will be sent to the contact address stated on your application. The written assignment will be assessed by experienced IREB assessors.
After having passed both parts of the exam, you should receive your certificate within two weeks.

Check if you are well prepared

The trial exam serves to simulate a real CPRE Advanced Level exam.

Looking for a possibility to take the exam?

If you attend a classroom training course the training provider organizes the written examination for you.
Visit the page with the schedule of open exams.
For further information see certification bodies.