IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (Foundation Level)

Target audience

The Foundation Level addresses the advanced beginner in Requirements Engineering and provides the core knowledge of this topic. Everyone working with Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis, software and systems development, who is demanding in terms of quality and professionalism, should strive for it. The Foundation Level encompasses the elicitation of requirements with appropriate documentation, requirements verification and validation as well as their management throughout the end-to-end product life-cycle.
There are no prerequisites to applying for the Foundation Level.

How to get prepared for the CPRE FL exam?

  • Attending a CPRE training course is recommended but not mandatory. The training providers recognized by IREB can prepare participants optimally for the exam.
  • Self-study. It is also possible to prepare for the CPRE exam via self-study. Recommended book Requirements Engineering Foundations.
  • Get ready by downloading the trial exam. Trial exam contains 34 questions in the same format as the current exam. In addition to the questions, it also contains solutions and explanations. See the links on the IREB page.
  • Study basis for the teaching content is provided by the CPRE FL syllabus, the CPRE Glossary and the CPRE books. See links on IREB site.


The exam should be completed within 75 minutes and contains about 45 questions with answer options. If desired, an additional 15 minutes can be provided to the non-native speaker. Depending on the complexity of the questions, a different number of points is given. No materials can be used during the exam, except for the dictionary. In order to pass the exam, you must score at least 70% of the total possible score.

The exam can be given in Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil).


Examinations are evaluated by the certification body. The result will be sent to the contact address specified in the application.

For the online exam, you will receive your results immediately after the exam.

If you passed the exam, you will receive a certificate within two weeks.

Check if you are ready

Trial exam serves to simulate a real CPRE Foundation Level exam.

Looking for an opportunity to pass the exam?

If you attend a training course, the training center will organize an exam for you.

Visit the page with the schedule of open exams.

For more information, see the IREB page.