Programs expiration dates.

To keep our certification schemes up to date, our Syllabuses are regularly reviewed by expert groups.

Examples of ISTQB exam questions and answers in Russian.

Recently, the initiative team made an official translation of one of the options of the answers with comments.

IREB CPRE Foundation Level 3.0 Syllabus is released

The manual is available in English and Russian.

The Heisenbug 2021 Piter conference will be held online from April 6 to 9

Ksenia Taktasheva and Alexander Alexandrov have a report in the form of a discussion

A4Q World Congress online conference from 13 to 16 April 2021.

80 speakers and presentations in several languages.

Coming up with results of the year. Meetups and SQA Days Conference.

Despite the circumstances, RSTQB representatives were able to perform at several events this year.