New version of the Foundation Level Syllabus 2018 has been translatedinto Russian

In February, the RSTQB team completed the translation of the updated Syllabus into Russian. Now you can prepare for exams and get acquainted with current trends in testing in your native language.

ISTQB® releases CTFL Performance Testing Syllabus

At the ISTQB® General Assembly vote on 9 December 2018, the ISTQB® Foundation Level Specialist Performance Testing Syllabus (CTFL-PT) was released.

ISTQB® and IREB® to form an Alliance

ISTQB® and IREB® have entered into an alliance to further promote the Software Testing and Requirements Engineering professions together. As a first step both organizations have agreed to align their glossaries.

ISTQB® releases CTFL Automotive Software Tester Syllabus 2.0

The ISTQB® General Assembly has approved the CTFL® Automotive Software Tester Syllabus 2.0 for general release.

Certified Tester at Selenium

Certification Selenium Tester has become available in Russia. Anyone can take the exam and get a certificate confirming the knowledge of the Selenium WebDriver.

Annual RSTQB board meeting

The annual meeting of the Russian Board of Software Quality Experts (RSTQB) took place on November 25.