Alexander Aleksandrov - honorary member of RSTQB

Alexander Aleksandrov was awarded the title of honorary member of the RSTQB

Alexander Aleksandrov

We want to share the news with you and congratulate our colleague. Alexander Aleksandrov is a certified ISTQB tester, he is a member of RSTQB almost since its inception, an active participant in all processes and a permanent editor of Russian-language materials. The decision to give Alexander the title of honorary member of the RSTQB was unanimously accepted by all its participants. Congratulations!

Alexander has more than 50 years of experience in the field of software development and quality assurance, he stood at the origins of the industry development and is deservedly called the "grandfather of Russian testing". Now, in addition to continuing to work in real projects, he makes presentations, writes articles, reads accredited ISTQB courses at the Knowledge Department. He is invited to conferences, and his lectures always attract a large audience. Alexander is a pleasure to work with and there is always something to learn. We are proud of our colleague!