Annual meeting of the Russian College of Software Quality Experts

Software quality experts from all over Russia met in Moscow to discuss industry development and RSTQB's involvement in this process.

For 13 years, RSTQB has been actively supporting the international certification of ISTQB testers, the most popular and recognized worldwide. An important contribution to the quality of the final product is also the work with requirements, and the Russian board does not forget about it, being a supporter of the systematic collection, determination and management of requirements. At the global level, this activity is supported by the international organization IREB, of which representatives Russian board is.

A new topic for discussion was the development of the TMMi system in Russia. For several years now, RSTQB has been collaborating with the TMMi Foundation in promoting this system in the Russian market.

One of the key events of 2020 should be the inclusion of ISTQB glossary (Russian version) into an online application on the ISTQB website. The RSTQB working group is active in this area.

After the official part, communication continued in an informal setting.

RSTQB annual meeting