Annual RSTQB board meeting

The annual meeting of the Russian Board of Software Quality Experts (RSTQB) took place on November 25.

The annual meeting of the Russian experts RSTQB took place on November 25. Experts from all over Russia met in Moscow to discuss the results and plans of the board. There were quite a few topics for discussion, and heated discussions flared up on some issues.
Early in the morning, representatives of the RSTQB met in Moscow with the newly elected president of ISTQB, Karolina Zmitrovich. They discussed, in particular, the participation of the Russian board in the activities of an international organization.
After the end of the official part, communication continued in an informal setting.
Since representatives of the Russian college live and work in different cities, communication and interaction always take place online, and the annual meeting has already become a good tradition.
RSTQB meeting 2018