Take the exam based on a new Syllabus version 2018!

In June 2018, an update of the Syllabus of Foundation Level was released.

Since November, exams are available in Russia basing on the updated program. You can still take the exam basing on the 2011 Syllabus in Russian until December 4, 2019, and in English until June 4, 2019.
The new Syllabus updates the terminology and standards of testing, reflecting modern practices. The fundamental principles and best practices of testing were preserved. From the point of view of current realities and new trends, testing processes, testing levels and methods of test management have been updated.
You can register for the exam (with the choice of Syllabus version) on the main page of our website. When choosing an exam, specify the level "Certified Tester Foundation Level 2018" in case you want to take on the updated program, and the level "Certified Tester Foundation Level" in case of choosing the old program.