Testing Glossary is Online

ISTQB® has maintained a vocabulary of testing terms since its inception. On their basis, Syllabuses  are created and questions for the exam are drawn up. Since in many organizations the ISTQB® standard is chosen as the basic one, the terms with their meanings are taken from there.

RSTQB translates terms into Russian and keeps them up to date. And recently, together with colleagues from ISTQB®, it was decided to upload materials to the site.

RSTQB volunteers participated in the implementation of this task, who wanted to have a convenient dictionary always at hand.

At the moment, the support of terms is underway, updating of changes in translations and adding terms directly on the site.

The online glossary allows you not only to search for terms on the site, but also to download a pdf report that looks in the format familiar to Russian-speaking specialists.