RSTQB® have signed a MoU with TMMi

Russia is on the way to having a TMMi (Test Maturity Model integration) Local Chapter.

The RSTQB have signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with TMMi Foundation to become a member. TMMi certification and accreditation will be available in Russia soon.
TMMi aims to support companies around the world to enable an increase in the quality and efficiency of the software they are developing.
It provides:
  • A software quality and test maturity model named Test Maturity Model integration (the TMMi Model)
  • Knowledge certification called TMMi Professional – to demonstrate an understanding of the model
  • Training to become an Assessor and Lead Assessor
  • A TMMi Assessment Method (TAM) under license
  • A framework for organizations to build their own assessment method the -TMMi Assessment Method Application Requirements (TAMAR)
With TMMi, organizations can assess and improve their test processes; and, if required, can become formally certified.
The TMMi Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Ireland, which has local chapters in a range of countries, e.g. UK, France, Poland, China, South Korea, Brazil, etc.
See detailed information in TMMi web-site.